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Digital transformation consulting companies perform an essential service. Without them, you risk overhauling your enterprise with little experience, a potentially crippling workload to distract you from your digital transformation goal, and the inefficient outcomes of learning as you go. 

Let’s unpack how digital transformation service providers, and ExoSystems in particular, can help you digitally transform your enterprise in as little as 6 months.  

What do digital transformation consulting companies, like ExoSystems, do?

As a digital transformation service provider, ExoSystems ensures enterprise businesses keep up with the demands of an increasingly digital-first business landscape. We help enterprises:

  • Formulate digital transformation strategies and a roadmap to implementation
  • Implement and manage digital technologies, like low code development platforms, that accelerate time to value
  • Build digital products to enable your team, or deliver added value to your customers
  • Sustain your digital maturity through continued strategic innovation consulting that helps you solve your business challenges with solutions designed for enterprise

According to McKinsey, “digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at both organisational and industry levels” after the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic. This digitisation trend shows no signs of slowing down; consumers and top talent have come to expect digital-first engagement. Digital transformation consulting companies, like ExoSystems, are here to ensure you're positioned to maximise every opportunity this essential shift offers your business

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How is ExoSystems different from other digital transformation consulting companies?

Digital transformation and strategic innovation consulting is a growing field, and you may feel spoilt for choice when choosing a digital transformation service provider. When considering your options, keep your context in mind and how well each potential digital transformation service provider can cater to your unique business profile.

At ExoSystems, we form strategic partnerships with our clients that help them solve complex business problems and innovate independently over time. These high-quality solutions help them gain competitive advantage through the use of a low code development platform that turns ideas into reality, fast.  

With over 9 years of success under our belt, and an in-depth understanding of the digital transformation challenges unique to Southern Africa, we’re able to help you form and implement realistic digital transformation goals. 

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Why your digital transformation timeline matters

Sustainable, future-proof change doesn’t happen overnight. But it also shouldn’t take forever. At ExoSystems we’re committed to an agile approach that shows the fastest possible return on investment — usually attaining key digital transformation goals within 6 months. 

While a company may take significantly longer to achieve digital maturity, it’s possible to start reaping the benefits of the digital shift sooner rather than later. Nothing highlighted the imperative to embrace digitisation swiftly more than the coronavirus pandemic. According to CIO Africa, 59% of surveyed IT decision-makers reported the pandemic accelerated their digital transformation efforts. It’s no surprise that prioritising your own organisation’s efforts to become digitally mature sooner rather than later, will prevent your needing to make extreme changes under similar pressure.

Get strategic innovation consulting from ExoSystems

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