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Digital Transformation Strategy: 5 Tips For Implementation

Every organisation follows a unique road to digital maturity. The digital transformation strategy that gets you to your goal has to be just as personalised. However, there are three stages in any digital transformation that every enterprise encounters along the way: Laying Your Foundation, Creating a Centre of Excellence, and Becoming a Full Digital Enterprise.

Here are 5 tips for implementation that help you transition smoothly through each of the three milestones. These insights should help you achieve the best return on your investment into a digital-first future.

Understand the business benefits of digital transformation

Knowing what you have to gain or what you’re aiming for does more than keep you motivated when you hit a stumbling block. It also helps you assess your efforts and achievements at each milestone: driving changes that optimise how you’re hitting your goals or even sparking course corrections if you find yourself way off the mark.

According to the 24th Annual PWC CEO Survey, 49% of CEOs reported prioritising digital transformation initiatives over the next three years. And a McKinsey study shares that companies that clearly defined their aims and priorities before embarking on their digital transformation project were 1.7x more likely to report that their results surpassed their expectations. This is not a trend you’d want to miss.

Key takeout: What the full value of digital transformation can bring for your business depends on your unique company profile. Take the time to unpack what it means to you, as a first step to defining measurable business outcomes. This increases your chances of success. Learn more about what you stand to gain in our blog post: 5 Business Benefits Of Digital Transformation You Shouldn’t Ignore.

Lay your foundations with confidence

Your first milestone should be to lay sustainable foundations for digital transformation within the company. For most enterprises, this centres on the efficient use of low code development platforms. (Read more about how low code can drive your digital transformation objectives in this blog post). 

Building confidence in low code as a linchpin to efficient digital transformation, with small, flagship projects, will pave the way for this powerful tool to drive more extensive work. 

Key takeout: Put together a project team to deliver a solution to a few digital operations or experience use cases, using a low code platform. 

Create a Centre of Excellence

After a few successful flagship projects, more than just your initial team will have grown confidence in low code as a viable way to drive digital transformation initiatives across your organisation. 

Creating a Centre of Excellence is the next major milestone in your digital transformation journey. This establishes a self-sustaining low code capability in your organisation by enabling more teams, integrating low code with other internal platforms and including governance as a focus area. 

Key takeout: After a flagship project team has demonstrated the value of low code to your organisation — and perhaps solved a few challenges thrown up by this process as well — it’s time to embrace low code more widely.

Embrace expert help to become a full digital enterprise

Tackling an enterprise-scale digital transformation in its final stages requires more than just an expert strategy. It takes keen oversight every step of the way to ensure things remain on track, and to work in an agile way — optimising as each stage unfolds and you learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities in your organisation. 

Consider outsourcing to digital transformation and low code experts. While maintaining line of sight on your digital transformation project, bringing in strategic innovation consultants you can trust will free you up to maintain all of your projects — so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks as you foreground this priority initiative.

Key takeout: Strategic innovation consultants can help you attain digital maturation — growing low code across multiple lines of business. Their help guarantees expert process optimisation, and maximum ROI on your digital transformation investment.

Iterate to innovate

A world-class digital transformation strategy builds in regular reviews and optimisation. Without regular investment into digital transformation “upkeep” you risk losing your place as a digital-first leader. After all, with the fast pace of technological evolution, today’s digital leaders are easily tomorrow’s digital dinosaurs.

Once you’ve reached digital maturity, staying at the leading edge may take constant investment. Thankfully, consistent iterations ultimately lead to innovations that cost you less time, money and effort than having to do a major digital overhaul every so often. And low code can help!

Find out why business leaders are embracing low code to drive digital transformation in their enterprise organisation, on our resource page. Click the button below to learn more about how the most effective digital transformation strategies are powered by low code.

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