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Out with the old and in with the new, right? Well… not always. When you’re modernising complex legacy systems, burning everything to the ground and starting from scratch isn’t always possible, or wise. We unpack your options, and share why using a low code integration platform may be your smartest option. 

The case for “burning it all down”

Outdated infrastructure, applications and processes could be costing your organisation time and money — in terms of process inefficiencies and breakdowns. But you already know this. The question is whether all of these challenges warrant an immediate and total overhaul of the system. 

The answer is, ideally, “no”. The cost of a radical and complete infrastructure overhaul, may simply be too high. There’s no way to get around change implementation, and at enterprise level, the smoother this process is, the better. According to Gartner, the definition of a legacy system is one that is critical to daily operations — any risk of downtime while making the changeover must therefore be mitigated, and a radical overhaul significantly heightens that risk.

At ExoSystems, we believe updating and optimising business systems at enterprise level is more efficient when using a low code integration platform. 


Why you should modernise using a low code integration platform

Modernising your legacy systems with a low code integration platform improves performance, agility and innovation, without the pitfalls of a lengthy overhaul. 

A low code integration platform like OutSystems lets you modernise mission-critical legacy systems in a future-proofed way by leveraging the latest advances in AI, IoT, microservices and more. 

You’ll be able to work iteratively and with minimal development resources — integrating even the most complex systems and streamlining through one platform. You’ll avoid constantly replacing one disparate, near-static solution with another at high cost. A low code integration platform is brought in once and makes it easier for your systems to grow and scale as your business changes. 

Using a low code integration platform to deal with legacy systems may offer the best value of all your options. It delivers rapid time to value and gives you the ability to re-platform legacy systems with modern, cloud-native, microservice-based architectures. 


Update your legacy systems quickly, with OutSystems

OutSystems is the low code integration platform designed to help enterprise organisations evolve and transition into the “digital now”. As an OutSystems partner, our mission is to help you unlock the full value of the platform in your organisation and optimise time to value. 

Our services help you integrate complex legacy systems smoothly, and let you innovate fast, with confidence and control. Find out how we can help you modernise your legacy systems quickly and easily — click the button below and learn about our OutSystems services.

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